Wisdom above all!

Welcome ALL Masons

Greetings Everyone!


   It is September 2017, and finally this site is getting a new essay from Universal Freemason Research Society.

  When I founded Universal Freemason, the intent was to create a place for masons from all backgrounds and lodges to contribute to and to learn from one another. Unfortunately, my vision of all types of masons unifying and coming together in the name of seeking wisdom has never come to fruition, and quite honestly I have found this short fall in interest to be frustrating. I have blamed all sorts of things on this from the mason being afraid to be involved in anything not ok'd by their grand lodges to a waning interest in freemasonry in the United States. But also, I can blame myself for not creating enough interest in this sort of resource for masons to use, and not creating enough content to hold interest. There will be some tweaks coming up on this site, I am happy to tailor this to what YOU would like to see, but I never hear from YOU. universalfreemason03@gmail.com 

Thank you, in the meantime for joining me for my study of Morals and Dogma, which will be finished as we approach chapter 32 by the end of 2017. This has taken over 3 years so far, a lot of work! I hope you have been enjoying reading along. moralsanddogmastudy.blogspot.com

   I hope to hear from some of you.

‚Äč       Johnny